We can clean your render!


The common thinking is to paint over the dirt. This is wrong.

Let us educate you!


In this video there is minimal growth to the top left slope of the building as it is capped with sheet cladding.
The right side slope is brick. The mortar joints between each brick allow rainwater to run down the render which helps biological growth such as algae, fungi, moss and lichen develop and feed from the minerals in the render.

Moss when frozen will cause cracks in the render. Unfortunately this has already happened to this render in the video and fine cracks can be seen at the top.

The biofilm growth will still be alive under coats of paint. Any painter who insists painting over your render that is currently soiled with any organic growth wants nothing more than your cash and no regard for the longevity of your render.
Paint will blister and peel as the growth beneath any paint will eventually break through.

Render requires treating and cleaning, gently and with respect. Not jet washing!

Have your render Soft Washed!

Feel free to message us images of your home or building. Ask us questions. Find out more.

Be educated.


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