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High pressure steam cleaning to remove chewing gum with ease

With high pressure steam cleaning and temperatures of 100°C not only can we remove chewing gum with ease but the area can be given a deep clean and be completely sanitised too.

Chewing gum is an unsightly problem to have for many local councils and businesses. Chewing gum removal is a difficult task unless you have the right system to safely and effectively remove the gum. At Blast Away we have been helping many local business with chewing gum removal for over 10 years.

Some of the places we can help with chewing gum removal include drive thru parking spaces, city centres, pubs, bars, nightclubs, supermarkets, retail store entrances and much more. The method we use for chewing gum removal can be used while people walk by without any hazard to them. Although on soiled paving spotting the gum alone with this method will result in clean spots where the brush and steam work over the surface to remove each piece of gum.

To avoid clean spots where we have removed we can also provide a full high pressure clean for the whole area. In high footfall locations it won’t take long for chewing gum to build back up again which is why we provide a regular maintenance program for many businesses.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a quotation for chewing gum removal at your premises please get in touch to arrange a free no obligation quotation.

Street Cleaning in towns & cities – Blast Away are street cleaning specialists and can take on council and BiD contracts, keeping on top chewing gum removal. We use specialist hot water cleaning systems made in Germany by Falch. We source the water from the nearest water hydrant and have water standpipe contracts with the local water authority. Street Cleaning Page

Fast Food Restaurant Steam Cleaning – Gum thrown on floor before entering restaurant and also thrown from car windows on car park after a drive thru visit.

Supermarket Jet Washing – If I was chewing gum on my arrival to do the weekly shop, I’d consider getting rid of it rather than knowing I’d be stuck with it for the next hour or so indoors. The pavement is the easiest option for some people.

Retail Park & Store Pressure Cleaning – Unsightly and a damaging image for your business, have us keep on top of it, ”It will only get worse”.

Our chewing gum removal service can safely remove unsightly spots at your business. We removal gum safely and effectively without damaging your surface.

Some recent work

Take a look at some of our recent work and how our industrial pressure washing can effectively remove chewing gum.

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