Clean Advertising

Reverse graffiti advertising

Expert cleaning services.

Advertise your business with clean advertising / reverse graffiti.

Deliver your message at the feet of potential customers with Reverse Graffiti Pavement Advertising. Clean advertising is a highly effective and environmentally friendly way to advertise your business to potential customers in your local area. Pavement advertising or reverse graffiti can deliver your message to 1000’s of potential customers in high footfall areas.

We take your brand, logo, message or design and create a laser cut stencil that can withstand high temperature and pressure washing. To begin your clean advertising campaign we find areas of dirty paving in the area of your choice, usually a high footfall town centre or stretch of street. We then pressure wash or clean over the stencil removing dirt and leaving your design cleaned into the paving.


  • It’s a unique way of marketing by boosting your awareness and is cost effective.
  • No chemicals are used, only water and the fuel that powers our equipment.
  • It’s fully mobile and we can take our equipment to any location you require.
  • Lasts from 1 week to 4 weeks on high footfall paving depending on weather conditions, type of surface, footfall traffic.


We’ve completed clean advertising campaigns and delivered public service messages for many local councils and authorities such as “Drink Safe” and “Home Watch” campaigns as well as local retails wanting to promote their message locally. Our clean advertising campaigns can be used for a variety of promotions such as nigh clubs, events, special offers and much more.

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