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Hi all it’s Lee here. I just want to open with the following.

In regards to the latest City and Guilds module course in roof cleaning I’d like to state we have no intentions of obtaining and presenting this to our potential customers. I’ve got nothing against the training provider, he’s a cool guy so all the best to him.

I’ve been cleaning roofs for over 15 years and between all my operatives they have a combined 38 years experience between them all to date July 2022.

We have no requirements to excite you with this course when our standards, knowledge, experience and work ethic speaks volumes already.

Many have learnt from us and use our YouTube videos for tips.

A certificate isn’t going to make us any better than we already are. That may sound arrogant but we’ve earnt it.


I understand your roof may be covered in moss and algae, call in the experts at Blast Away for all aspects of roof cleaning and restoration.

In effect, a roof is always likely to gather unsightly moss, algae, lichens and general stubborn airborn pollution.

Our roof cleaning service uses a soft approach system to clean away all the dirt and growth and restore its natural look.

We also offer the optional extra of replacing broken tiles and repointing of ridges and eaves.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

The roof cleaning process is completed using and combination of cleaning solutions and hot water steam (hot pressure washing)at a lower pressure than you would use to clean a driveway for example and also using techniques to avoid any damage to your roof tiles. There is worry that pressure washing a roof can damage roof tiles however experts know the right pressure and equipment to use to prevent this happening.

All this is done from the safety of our own 22m cherry picker.

In my opinion, there are people out there trying to get a roof clean done as fast as they can and they will use a cold water high pressure, 200 to 250 bar pressure washer at full chat 21 litres per minute, rushing and with little consideration for the tiles.

Using the right roof cleaning chemicals and lower pressure and heat we can remove all moss and algae safely with no damage. Usually a roof clean is all you need rather than a new roof.


Metal Roof Scrapers

Roof Cleaning has taken off rapidly in the last couple of years with the evolution of the window cleaner.

They evolved from the traditional ladder, pad and blade window cleaning method on to purified water fed pole systems from the safety of the ground and more recently with their carbon fibre poles attaching metal scraping blades to them and scraping moss from roof tiles as an add on service. Usually at a very cheap price to earn some beer vouchers.

Many of them breach health & safety legislation and climb up onto roofs with ladders and crawl around roofs scraping by hand or they will scrape with the pole from the gutter on the ladder pulling the moss back towards them. Crawling and walking around roofs risks breaking tiles and the last thing you want is new tiles installed in various areas making the overall roof looking odd.

One the other hand, the more health and safety compliant roof scraper operates from a tower scaffold.

I have witnessed quite a few of these contractors scaremonger our process and then, after investing in a steam cleaner(hot pressure washing system)they themselves evolve again and implement our very method which they used to attack to the customer they were attempting to win over.

But does scraping a roof bring dazzling results? Not instantly on the day no. Yes, the moss is taken off the roof on the day but the algae, the lichen and the moss spores will remain.

A biocide wash is applied, just like we do at the end of our process.

Their application will now kill all that organic growth. Algae will disappear in upto 7 days but moss spores and tough lichen(and there’s many forms) will not simple fall off the roof in the next few weeks. It will take months, more than 6 months infact depending on the time of year and if they’re cutting corners with the mix ratio of the biocide they’re using then it’s most probably not going away.


Why choose our process?

Because we remove all organic growth from your roof on the day.

We then treat the tiles with the same types of biocides which will kill spores naked to our eye in the pores of the tiles thus slowing down the regrowth of algae, moss and lichens.

How much does it cost to clean a roof?

With us we operate safely from the basket of our cherry picker, we conform the Working at Height Regulations, we remove all biological matter from your roof on the day and you get instant results. Coupled with all this we are Safecontractor Approved, fully insured for £10m on each public and employers liability and our operatives all fully trained for health and safety.

Blast Away are a premium service and thus you are hiring a professional H&S compliant company to operate smoothly on your property.

That alone is worth more than you choosing a guy working unsafely and possibly holding you yourself liable on your property because of the H&S breaches he may be undertaking.


ProPERLA Applicators For Greater Manchester & The Northwest of England

Super Hydrophobic Water Repellent Roof & Facade Coatings

When it rains, mineral surfaces coated with ProPERLA Coloured Facade Coating will repel the water, causing it to form water beads that run off the surface. Independent tests have shown it helps to keeps walls dry, reducing water absorption by up to 93.4%

Key Features

  • For use on mineral surfaces such as concrete, clay, slate and terracotta
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Developed utilising the very latest superior technology
  • Super hydrophobic treatment
  • Highly breathable system unlike traditional roof sealers
  • One-coat clear protection
  • Creates a self-cleaning surface
  • Extends the life span of all mineral building surfaces, including roof tiles
  • Proven performance – independently tested

Take a look at some of our recent work and how our soft pressure washing techniques can clean your roof.

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