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Roof Cleaning & Coating

Blast Away specialise in roof cleaning restoration removing all unsightly moss, algae, lichen and general stubborn airborn pollution.

We also offer the optional extra of replacing broken tiles and repointing of ridges and coating of the full roof.



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The Roof Coating Process
  Stage one

  All health and safety set up is undertaken, downpipes disconnected to prevent drains becoming blocked and any flower bedding and lawns covered with sheeting.

  Stage Two
  The roof cleaning process is started. If your roof is mossy, we will ensure your neighbours are aware there may be a possiblity of moss balls being blasted over into their property, so they will be reassured that we will clean up any mess.

  Stage Three

  A qualified and well experiened roofer will undertake the following if needed;
  • Replace all broken roof tiles
  • Re-point ridges, hips, valleys and eaves
  • Inspect and repair lead work


Stage Four

We then apply an anti-fungicidal wash onto roof tiles using a backpack low pressure spray.

This treatment will remove any moss and lichen spores to prevent and minimise re-growth.

Your roof is now prepared for the specialist roof coating application.


Stage Five

We apply 2 coats of your chosen colour. Colours available are shown below.





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