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Reverse Graffiti Advertising | Clean Graffiti | Pavement Advertising | Nationwide Coverage 
'Reverse Graffiti' or 'Clean Graffiti' and 'Clean Adverts' is a Pavement Advertising and Guerilla Marketing campaign. It's a highly effective way to advertise your business and is environmentally friendly.
Firstly we take your brand, logo or slogan etc and have it laser cut into a stencil. We then find some dirty paving, generally in a high footfall area and wash over the stencil with our pressure washers.
  • It's a unique way of marketing by boosting your awareness and is cost effective.
  • No chemicals are used, only water and the fuel that powers our equipment.
  • It's fully mobile and we can take our equipment to any location you require.
  • Lasts from 1-6 months depending on weather conditions, type of surface, footfall traffic and street cleaners.

We can work with local authorities delivering public service messages, whether it be Drink Safe & Home Watch Campaigns or even the message to prevent littering. We can promote events, club nights, special offers and retail promotions grabbing the attention of your potential customers en route towards your stores and premises.


As a cleaning company who clean all sorts of surfaces day in day out we know which surfaces work and which don't. Many times we've had orders placed and the client have chosen the surfaces unknowingly to them that it simply just isn't sufficient for a clear impression.

Leave it with us and we will ensure your impressions stand out!






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