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Pressure Washing UK Jet Wash Cleaning Company Power Washer Services


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  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail. For an accurate price we like to view the work. This way we can determine if and how much and of which type of chemicals are required to tackle any particular stains.
  • A free demonstration test patch can be given along with your free quotation. All we ask is you notify us before we arrive so our van is equipped with the right kit.
  • We don't charge for coming out to give you a quotation. We may however refuse to travel if too far for example to Birmingham to view a patio. It's not feasible.
  • Written quotations can be provided, either written on site or a pdf file emailed across later.
  • We WILL beat any written quote. This isn't any old line, we mean it.
  • Email us images if you like.


Domestic Jet Washing Services


NOTE: We do not price domestic paving by the square meter. If you want a price by square meter you'll need to call the weekend warriors or one season wonders who need this guideline to make themselves a quick wage. 



    *** We no longer offer a sealing service for paving. We're busy lads and have many bookings. We simply cannot gamble with the weather hoping for a dry sunny day to get back and apply the sealants. We've moved bookings around in the past, thus upsetting people. Making promises when to come back then that day becomes the perfect day and you have to let the customer down again. Also equally we've used many brands, the best without doubt is Resiblock. It's expensive and when applied properly can last a long time. People always wanted the cheaper option, the cheaper brands. They simply don't last as long as they should do. Roll them on, spray them on, they will still fail in a few month and weeds will break through the joints. If only they would make a tyre for cars that didn't wear down!***


  • Patios , Decking , Paths and Garden Walls- From £40. Take a look at our pages. Note: We don't attack your decking with high pressure. We use a soft wash approach.


  • Roof Cleaning - From £200 - Includes; Full power wash & clearing of gutters and downspouts. Note: We use fall restraint rope access equipment for health & safety.
  • Drain Jetting / Unblocking - £60-£90.Greater Manchester Area only. Further distance please call for a price. We're always busy to our diary and all our work is booked in. If you need an urgent call out, we may pass you on to another company.

  • Gutter Vacuum Cleaning - From £30. Please call or email with details.
  • Chemical Brick Cleaning - Visit or images required. Number of windows to be sheeted & access needs to be considered into the price so a visit to your property may be needed to price accordingly.

    Additional Note:Our machines are industrial and regarded as some of the best and most effective on the market. Our cleaning tools are too without a doubt. When you have the best and most reliable equipment, work is carried out swiftly and efficiently. This helps us bring prices down as we don't 'dilly dally' on the job.


    Useful Information:

    • We're fully insured. £10m Public Liability & £10m Employer Liability.
    • If you haven't got an outside tap, don't worry. We have a contracts with with local water authorities enabling us to use 'Wash Out' hydrants located on the streets. We can fill our tanks.
    • We don't use barrow style pressure washers sitting them on your paving possibly leaking oil and fuel. Our machines are hot wash trailer systems on the vans with hose reels. All refueling is done in our unit every morning before we leave.
    • We clean roofs safely with fall restraint rope access equipment and scaffolding where possible.
    • We're very polite and well mannered lads.
    • We won't drag our hoses over your lawns and flowers beds.
    • We won't allow you to move the plant pots, tables and chairs prior to our arrival. We'll do it!

      Commercial & Industrial Jet Washing/Steam Cleaning Services



    • Commercial & Industrial Jet Washing of Paving Hot & Cold
    • Graffiti Removal
    • Chewing Gum Removal
    • Chemical Brick Cleaning
    • Cladding Cleaning
    • High Pressure Steam Cleaning
    • New Build Mortar Stain Brick Cleaning
    • City/Town Center Paving
    • Industrial Paving
    • High Level Pressure Washing
    • Road Sweeping
    • Gully Emptying
    • High Volume Vacuum Tanker
    • High Pressure Drain Jetting

        ...and any other commercial & industrial cleaning will be estimated upon site visit

        and/or discussed upon more details being provided.


        Please call or email...

        0800 05 888 59




    Photo Pricing


    • You can also send us photo's of the work you would like a quote for. 
      This gives us an idea of the size of your roof or driveway for example or even the amount of graffiti and surface type.