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Playground Cleaning | Specialist Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfacing Cleaning | Play Area Cleaners
Wet pour installations look fantastic once laid and provide a clean and safe area for children to play.
However over time, the wet pour surfaces are prone to algae, moss and black spot lichen and with effect leave the surface looking tired, unclean and very unsafe.
For all schools, health and safety is always paramount when it comes to children's play areas and the need to keep the surface from being in a slippery state is a must for all concerned.
 Copied from Blast Away Cleaning
Using the latest industrial hot pressure washing systems on the market, the correct techniques and combined with suitable chemicals we can clean wet pour surfacing and restore it to its new condition.
Removing all traces of moss growth embedded in the pours of the surface, the slippery algae sat on the top of the surface and even the blackspots that many companies fail to remove.
We also remove chewing gum from wet pour as an optional additional extra. You will certainly want to consider this before the problem of chewing gum escalates.

  • We carry out regular cleaning for the installation companies in the country whom offer maintenance programmes with their clients.
  • We can carry out the cleaning of play areas in residential estates and schools, for private companies, councils and even other cleaning companies.
  • No water on site? We can use our on board water tank and/or local Wash Out hydrants.
  • White Label Service - Vehicles and Trailer Systems carry no signage.
  • Sub Contract to us - Wear your company logo on workwear.
  • We cover England, Wales & Scotland.

Wet Pour Soft Play Rubber