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International Powered Access Federation
Powered Access License
Mobile Elevated Working Platform
High Level Pressure Washing

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access worldwide. Set up in 1983, IPAF is a not-for-profit members’ organisation that represents the interests of manufacturers, distributors, users, and rental and training companies. 

The IPAF training program for platform operators is certified by TÜV as conforming to ISO 18878. More than 50,000 operators are trained each year through a worldwide network of over 250 training centres. Successful trainees are awarded the PAL Card (Powered Access License), the most widely held and recognised proof of training for platform operators. IPAF members enjoy access to advisory, information, insurance and translation services, and have the chance to influence legislation and regulations that govern platform use.

The PAL Card (Powered Access License) is recognised worldwide across industries as proof of platform operator training to the highest standard.   It is issued by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) to platform operators who successfully complete a training course at an IPAF-approved training centre. 

The IPAF training program was developed by leading industry professionals and is certified by TÜV as conforming to the international standard ISO 18878:2004 Mobile elevating work platforms – Operator (driver) training.

What is Clunk Click?                 

Clunk Click is a worldwide campaign calling for all users of boom type platforms to wear a full body harness with a short restraint lanyard attached to a suitable anchor point. 

The campaign started as a grassroots initiative by the UK Powered Access Interest Group (PAIG), a joint committee of the Construction Plant-hire Association and IPAF. Major rental companies took the initiative because unnecessary fatal accidents were happening when users were catapulted out of boom platforms because they were not wearing harnesses. 

All Blast Away operatives of MEWP's hold a valid PAL card & adhere to the clunk click policy