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Hall of Shame | Bad Payers Named and Shamed | Construction Related Bad Payers | Commercial Cleaning Late Overdue Payments Payers

We work extremely hard at what we do. We supply a quality service. On many occasions we go out of our way to meet urgent needs and have even cancelled family holidays, trips and events to fulfill a clients requirements to meet their deadlines. So when we provide all this effort, sweat and hard work we expect to be paid on time, every time. No excuses and no bullshit to lead us on. Unfortunately there are piss takers out there and they will be added to this page. I'm doing this to warn you of particular companies practices. We all want paying on time, have staff and bills to pay and a business to keep on ticking over to run smoothly. 

We're not willing to work for late payers.

Mansell Finishes Limited, Cheadle, Cheshire - 4 Months to settle £840 from invoice date. Agreed Terms 30 days.

Construction Partnership UK Ltd, Skelmersdale - 45 days overdue an agreed 60 day terms invoice. Delaying excuses on chase up of "we haven't received it"