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Graffiti Removal in Manchester

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Graffiti is a common problem and its impact on the community varies.

Single incidents of graffiti may not seem serious but it has a cumulative impact on an area as it attracts more graffiti. Graffiti maintains a stigma; it impacts property socially and economically.

Graffiti Breeds Graffiti

Gang graffiti install fear in people in areas such as subways, bus stops and commercial areas. Graffiti also reduces property value and impacts the local businesses negatively as people tend to shy away from areas that are hit with graffiti.

Graffiti is not the lone culprit; it is often related to other issues such as the following;

  • Public disorder, such as littering, gangs loitering, use of Drugs & Alcohol and public urination
  • Theft of graffiti materials such as markers, pens, spray paints etc
  • Gang violence and tagging or marking of territories
  • Reduced property values and reduced economic activity
  • Racism

We carry out Graffiti Removal in Bradford & Leeds, too.



Graffiti Removal




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Wet blasting where no chemicals allowed

Homophobic Graffiti Removed within 24 hours

Powder Coated Window Frame Restoration

Graffiti Removal Services

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We use amazing hot trailer systems made by;

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